Rhode Island School of Design


As a re interpretation of the classic Argentinean ‘Casa Chorizo’, the Sausage Haus is a prototype for a low-cost prefab residential project.


The design proposes a series of modules than can be assembled in various ways to satisfy the needs of the customer and the properties of the site. Each module consists of a living space and a Smart Wall, which performs in order to provide the requiered systems to make the Sausage Haus a hybrid house. The types of modules, can be combined in different ways to arrange the floor plan. The 800ft2 prorotype consists of 6 modules that accomodate two bedrooms, a living room area, full kitchen and bathroom.

A custom wall assembly was designed in order to make the house perform as a Passive House. UltraTouch recycled denim, ThermaFiber recycled wool and Lamboo engineeered bamboo paneles are featured in this wall design which can offer an Rvalue of 47, and can be increased by augmenting the thickness of the ThermaFiber.

Modules can be added so as to expand the living space and/or add more residential units to the project. Prefabrication involves creating the modules off-site and then assembling them in-situ to save time and reduce construction costs.

Being a rigid and self-supportive structure, it can be placed in any terrain and environment.