MK Think

Spatial Installation throughout the firm's office in San Francisco.


The installation connects common areas of at the MK Think office, bringing together people through the built environment. A collection of objects (and a mural) communicate the same visual and material language, leading people from one area to another dynamically. The transison through the office becomes an experience, from the ground floor to gathering area on the top floor. Project 231 brings together MK Think and the city of San Francisco.


The geometric aesthetic of the collection is a result from the generated geodescic topographic mapping on San Francisco. The triangulation indicates the characteristic landscape of the city, extending from Presidio Park down to Lake Merced. A study of outdoor activities (walking, running, biking) is represented by a color code: dark red (most frequent) to dark teal (less frequent). The conceived map represents a correlation between topography and frequency of outdoor activities throughout the city. The color palette derives from iconic San Francisco elements: the city in relationship with nature. The gathered information was projected from Three dimension source (the city) to a Two dimension mapping, back to a three dimensional volumes, and a two (And three) dimensional mural.


This principal of projection allows to present the investigation though various mediums that speak the same language.

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