Rhode Island School of Design


The project challenged the existing concept of tectonics and design through the development of a Marine Lab situated in India Point (Providence, RI).

This is a continuation of the previous 'TENSILE STRUCTURES' project.


Local conditions and sun paths led to the strategic positioning of basins, pools, offices and research laboratories.

However, the particular aspect of this project was the tectonic development of the curve walls and tensile membranes that interconnect the different parts of the facilities. 

I had to develop a system that would allow the tensile membranes to fit perfectly with the architectural wall, which resulted in a double wall tht allowed for these two opposite tectonic elements to meet harmoniously.

The partition walls which became double structures performed as thresholds between interior spaces; expressing a particular language that describes the design method through which the project went through.


The most challenging part was understanding and developing a measured drawing strategy that would allow me to understand the relationship between the intersecting architectural elements. For this, rather than fabricating the drawings digitally, I chose to hand-draw every curve and line using a compass and radius lines to connect the curves.

All drawings were made on tracing paper so as to take advantag of the transparency and both sides of the paper: one side for reference lines and poche shading, and the other for bolder 'structural' lines.


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